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I'm a bit confused about civil asset forfeiture in America. Seriously--why is it OK for the police to take our stuff for a reason as silly as "it's not common for someone to carry that much US currency without having illegal intentions," and then they keep it--without any charges or explanation.
Just watch the video, or at least bits of it. There's a lot of insanity going on, and we're getting no explanation.
The government is putting the houses where drug sales might be happening on trial--yes the house, not the people who own it. They are putting the money they seize on trial to keep it. And they're winning these seizures and using the money for whatever they want.
There is an entire legal mechanism to do the same. And help them get the funding they so desperately need to acquire critical police equipment, like Zambonis and margarita machines.
No, I'm not kidding.
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@logicalthinker Here's the thing. That's itneresting stuff and all, but there are SO many politicians who are against it in name and even "in practice" but its not doing shit to change it. Why would Paul be any different?
I just want to go witness one of these "trails" where the defendant is a house or a stack of money like how the fuck does that work?
Seems outright wrong to me. That CSI civil forfeiture bit was pretty funny....but real sad that it's basically reality.