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This 17-year old artist, Kristian Mensa, takes a look at the simple objects we see everyday and tires to imagine them into something bigger, and I have to say she does a pretty good job of it!!
Simple things like clementines, paper clips and chocolate bars suddenly become turtle shells, ballet shoes and piano keys with a few pencil drawings.
These are my 10 favorite of her pieces that mix real objects on top of paper drawings. The real objects bring even more real depth to some already awesome drawings, making them all a little more believable. It doesn't take much imagination to feel like the objects really are falling into the drawings' worlds.
She also does a lot of pieces where she takes paper and super imposes the drawings on top of the real world, adding a flat element to what we know as very, very real! I particularly love this Marilyn Monroe one; who would have imagined this flower as her dress? The 4th one of the "octo portal" is pretty cool, too!
What else can we imagine as something more? I have a pack of banana chips in front of me, and they're starting to look like anything (and everything) else....
so nice.
@selena81 Glad you liked it :)