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Love the feel and play in this board, it's the first one in the quiver I got to break into a slide. The look and feel is quite surfy, so I called it "Beachy" ... at first. After about four rides, I changed its name to "Pig Pen" because it's a freaking dirt MAGNET. I'm not usually that picky about scrapes or scuffs, dirt, etc. but here I am carrying a 200 dollar deck, and it looks like I found it in a dumpster. The entire topside is covered with a transparent vinyl-like grip tape that grabs on to dirt and stains and won't let it go. I'd have to get out a bristle brush, and cleaner and work at tit for an hour. So I started to do just that tonight, but then said "eff that." and got out the chisel to pry up the edges of the tape, and wrestle it off. As you can see in the pic, it's quite a difference - the tape side I had already done two passes with cleaner and brush! If anyone knows a better method of removing this crap, please let me know. The grip tape is quite grippy, I'll give it that, but my 60 dollar Kryptonics pintail is still grippy, doesn't look like it was used for automotive oil changes, was 140 bucks cheaper, and is about six months older. So take note if you're eyeing a "push, don't pollute" Sector 9 deck, it's probably staying outside if you live with a mom or a girlfriend- "You're not bringing that filthy thing in THE HOUSE, are you? It's bad enough it has to go in the trunk of my car."
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Update: pulled out the heat gun and pulled most of the tape off in three pieces. The remaining glue turned the varnish to goo, so had to scrape that off as well, although I was definitely hoping that wasn't the case. The last two pics show that process. Pro tip: to see if you've got all the varnish off, hit it with the heat gun, then rub your hand over the board. Dirt will stick to the spots you missed. Let cool, then scrape and repeat.