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Sooyoung‘s older sister revealed that the ‘Girls’ Generation Diet‘ was fake. Choi Soo Jin, the older sister of Sooyoung and a well known musical actress, was a guest on the December 2nd episode of ‘1000 Song Challenge‘. On the show, she said, “I really wanted to say this. The Girls’ Generation members eat a lot. On the internet, the ‘Girls’ Generation Diet’ was a big issue, but that’s all lies.” When MC Jang Yoon Jung asked, “Does that mean they don’t gain weight even if they eat a lot?“, Choi Soo Jin answered, “They eat a lot, but I think they don’t gain weight because they have so many activities.“. Viewers commented, “I’m jealous…“, and “Well, it was sort of unrealistic for them to eat just that and have so many activities at the same time“.
you must be kidding!
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