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$3 Anthro Hack

Here ye, here ye. Gather round my DIYers! This golden Anthropologie organizational hack is the perfect project to get you geared up for Summertime projects around the house. This one is one of my favorites because it's EASY, FAST, CHEAP, and GOLD!
Unsure of which type of gold you want? Take a look. You can get a brassy gold from Design Master (pictured far left) or a rose gold from Krylon. I think the "perfect" gold is from Rust-Oleum. For a darker version, just go for the Valspar can.
Since I'm directing this card to DIYers, I am going to go out on a limb and assume that you either have scrap pieces of wood laying around or you can scrounge for something similar to make the base with. If you don't have wood, you'll have to run to your local hardware store.
But before you get the wood and measure it out, you will want to find random containers that could be made of plastic, tin or glass. It doesn't matter, just enough different sizes to create a similar desk organizer.

For this you will need:

12" x 5" x 1/2" piece of wood (or similar size)
Several containers that fit on the wood
Gold spray paint

What you do:

Glue containers to wood.
Spray with gold paint.
Let dry.
If you love Anthropologie as much as I do but can't stomach the cost of most of their items, just do like me and do it yourself. Another Anthro-inspired project that I wrote about is here.
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