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This is the heart-in-mouth moment a motorist falls asleep at the wheel of his brand new car - while he is driving down a two land highway.

Paul Yearley fainted at the wheel of his vehicle causing him to veer off the road onto nearby fields. In the clip, Paul is seen looking alert as he steers his car down the highway.

Seconds later, his body appears limp and his car suddenly veers off to the right, ploughing through open fields. The car smashes through a fence, but it appears Paul still has his foot on the accelerator as the vehicle refuses to slow down.

Moments later, a confused Paul regains consciousness before bringing a car to a halt. Thankfully, no-one was hurt in the dramatic accident although Paul's vehicle did suffer significant damage.

@IbyIbyiby He experienced an issue with low blood pressure, a problem that he didn't know he had and never presented itself before this incident, which caused him to suddenly and unexpectedly pass out. I understand your point that it's stupid to drive while stressed, intoxicated, or tired, and I agree. However, this is a separate case entirely. Please don't judge before you know the full story!
my bad I didn't read the story, it's just when I see stuff like this I boil up because I lost my girlfriend that I was with from the 6th grade we were together for 8 years almost 9, she got hit by a drunk driver while she was waiting for the public bus. when I saw this video I just got pissed within a fraction of a second
Wow super Scarry Thank god he didn't vear back onto the highway
Lucky ass is still alive and nothing happened to him. he just risked lives of people for being stupid, if your tired, stressed or intoxicated don't get behind the wheel your life might not mean anything but the other people on the roads have families and killing them or putting them in a hospital is something that you will have to explain to God. fools I hate stupid careless people like that.