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Taylor's 1989 Tour Wardrobe
Dear Taylor,
I love you (more than you will ever know).
Now that we've established that, What is going on with your 1989 World Tour wardrobe?!
If you can't tell, I'm most definitely not feelin it. At all.
Not feelin the heavy doses of black. Those thigh high boots? I can't even comment.
Not all of these are necessarily bad. Even on their own, most are just okay. But together...on a tour?
Sorry Tay Tay...you may have gotten your wish to give a tour unlike your previous, but the outfits GOT TO GO!
Love your hair for this tour! Awesome!
If she stepped out on the street in this, I might be more skeptical, but personally I liked everything except for the J.Lo-esque, sparkly bodysuit.
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I think it's cute! I mean, it's stage fashion. I feel like that stuff is always sort of awkward.
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I just wasn't expecting it to be so drab, I suppose.
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