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Meet Nina Simone:

She's kind of a big deal. Not only is her voice and musicianship absolutely stunning, she's probably been the background music to your life without you even knowing it.
Musicians who have been heavily influenced by her soulful music include names like Nick Cave, Van Morrison, Christina Aguilera, Kanye West, Bono, John Legend, Lykke Li, Peter Gabriel, Mary J. Blige, Lauryn Hill, Alicia Keys, Lana Del Rey, Hozier, and The Beatles, just to name a few.
She is best known for her classic "Feeling Good"

Now meet Avicii:

Arguably the most famous DJ of the era, hailing from Sweden and dropping beats like its nobody's business. Totally not my style, but I get why people like him.
He's known for his remixes and production, but something about Nina Simone is sacred to me and the idea of anyone messing with her (I'm looking at you Basshunter...) makes me pretty uneasy.
So did he ruin the classic Nina Simone track "Feeling Good?" He nailed it to be completely honest. I was scared there was going to be some kind of crazy bass drop but all there was was an increase of soul, like he turned up the volume on her emotions.
You have no complaints from me here: Avicii, you did good.
This card scared me! I'm glad it worked out in the end. I love Nina Simone. I especially love Feist's cover of "See-Line Woman".
Man, I grew up with Nina Simone! Glad he didn't ruin the song :)