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@ArianaVenti already shared this track with us, but the MV is finally out! See the alien-meets-LA video below:
Awkward awkward awwwkward. I love Britney, but this was a little painful. I get that they were going for bad acting, but Britney's bad acting was actually just bad. I was also confused by the era. Were we going for the 80s or the 90s? Or that weird transition period called the late 80s?
Admittedly, the song is already stuck in my head but I was really hoping for a better music video to save the crappy track.
Iggy looked fabulous as usual, and I'm happy to see Britney back to pumping out new music but they both deserved a better song!
Yeah I feel bad but Iggy looks like the pro here, not Brit.
This sounds like a Charli XCX song.