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What I wouldn't give to see these go down a catwalk--like seriously!!! Or at least some pieces inspired from these edgy looks for our Disney princesses that we can wear. I think a dress like Cinderella's would be so popular for high school dances, and Aurora's is too gorgeous to not want to try on.
(Oh, I should note these are all by Sasha who you can find on Deviantart!)
Princesses, from left to right: Esmeralda, Rapunzel, Cinderella, Ariel, Aurora, Tiana
I'm pretty sure what Jasmine was given to wear here is already SO popular--the simple collar, the sheer sleeves, and the aquamarine/mint color are all pretty common appearances in a lot of teen fashion, so why not add something like these to our stunning princesses?
Princesses, from left to right: Belle, Jasmine, Snow White, Pocahontas, Merida, Mulan
While (most) of the princess designs look pretty young and fun, the villians look like downright adult divas, and I sort of love it. Especially Mother Gothel's dress--the color! The plunging neckline! It's all awesome.
Villians, left to right: Ursula, Lady Tremaine, Governor Ratcliffe, Mother Gothel, Evil Queen
One more dose of villans! Make sure to scroll to see the last 3 :)
Of all of these, I really think Frollo and Gaston's looks are my favorites, but other than that I can't say say I'd like any of these. I would be terrified if I saw a Maleficent like that walking towards me, though!
Image 1, left to right: Maleficent, Jafar, Frollo, Gaston, Shan Yu, Voodoo Man
Image 2, left to right: Cruelle de Ville, Yzma, Hades

Here's the designs by series--which ones are your favorites?

I just ADORE the Sleeping Beauty and Tangled designs. Probably way more than any of the others!
@marshalledgar I'm not sure I'd really want to see/wear all of it, but there are a few pieces I love!
I meant to leave a comment about this earlier. Oops. Anyway, these fashion sketches are beautifully rendered and thoughtfully inspired. I would love to see this collection actually made.