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This perfect dish for summer is also the perfect combination of nutrients!
Here's a breakdown of the ingredients:
Watermelon: This melon is mostly water (hence the name) but it is also packed with nutrients like vitamins A, B6 and C, lots of lycopene, antioxidants and amino acids.
Almonds: These nuts are filled with good fats as well as impressive levels of biotin (for hair and skin health) and Vitamin E!
Mint: This isn't just to help your breath, it also aids digestion and inflammation. The inflammatory qualities also help it relieve headaches.
Ginger: Similar to mint, this handy root is great at helping with digestion and inflammation. The spice is also known to boost your metabolism and inspire fat burning.
Basil: This herb is easy to grow and even easier to cook with. It's packed with Vitamin K and manganese. Also, basil can provide protection against unwanted bacterial growth!
(side note - I love adding currants or raisins to my watermelon salad!)
Get the recipe here!
There's a soul food/New Orleans inspired restaurant near my house and it serves an incredible watermelon salad that I can never recreate. I'll try this one out :)
i think it's very yummy :)
Now this is my kind of salad.
At first I thought onion and watermelon was a weird combination but thinking it over, its probably yummy!