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I love quiche so, so much. My main problem with quiche is:
1. There is always too much of it (an entire pie pan full!)
2. It is delicious so I will eat way too much of it
3. I always spill the egg when I'm putting it in the oven
This little mug of quiche fixes all of that! No pesky egg spills going into the oven and no left overs for me to munch on all day long when it really should last me an entire week.
This is probably my healthiest microwave baking recipe, so if you're going to try any of them, it should definitely be this one :)
This is all you'll need:
Frozen or Fresh Spinach
An egg
Cheddar Cheese
Bacon (optional)
and a mug!
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The only problem is where is the crust!? This is more like a mug fritatta...
Eggs are always my favorite way to start the day, so I usually have a spinach/egg scramble. This will save me a lot of pans and utensils to clean!
I always have frozen spinach in my freezer so I already have all these ingredients!
This is pretty much all of the things in my fridge right now, so I guess I know what I'm making for breakfast in the morning!
Great idea!