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I love laughing at ridiculous dating advice for women (yes, you Cosmo) but I so rarely hear about dating advice for men. I did a little snooping around the internet and found some sources.

1. Men's Fitness

Here's the article in it's entirety, and below is my response:
Ask for Next Friday:
Actually this is a pretty good tip. I'm the kind of girl that plans things in advance, so chances are if you were to say "what are you doing tomorrow?" on any given day, I'd have something going on. Give me a little time. Then again, don't wait to long or else the spark with die out!
Pretend It’s 1999:
Okay, so they are stressing that you should call the girl to ask her out. Not texting, or email, or blah blah blah. Apparently "half of the women in the new survey said that texting made it harder for them to figure out if a date was a date, and 85 percent said they would rather have a guy call them to ask them out.
Personally, phone calls stress me out, but I guess it is better than a text. I'm more of an in-person kind of girl (as long as I'm not turning someone down. Oh my God the embarrassment is too much for me to take)
Don’t Be Coy:
I cannot tell you how many dates I have been on that I didn't know were dates. Don't say “let's hang out” unless you just want to hang out. Tell me its a date. Even if you have to spell it out that clearly for me. This. Is. A. Date.
Do Your Homework:
Also actually good advice. Know if the girl you're taking out to a nice steak dinner is a vegetarian or not. Also, try to gage if this girl is the kind of girl that would even want and fancy dinner or not. Paying attention to detail can go a long way.

2. Art of Manliness - How to Ask a Woman Out on a Date

Things They Got Right:
1. Dating vs Hanging Out - Like I said above, make it clear if its a date. Also, a real date should be time spent one-on-one, not surrounded by your friends in a bar.
Things I'm Not Sure About:
1. "Women like it when you take charge of the planning" - I guess if the guy is the one that asked then he has the right to plan to date, but not every time! Let me choose what I want to do (offering multiple choices for a date is a good idea for me at least)
2. Paying - I get really uncomfortable when guys pay for me all the time. It might be nice every once in a while, but I'm a fan of having the guy pay one date, and I pay the next.

3. How to Ask A Girl Out and Avoid Rejection

(Is it just me or does this guy come off as a total sleaze-ball?)
Here's the TLDW;
1. Talk to a girl
2. Find out what you're both interested in
3. Say: "You seem cool, we should hang out some time and [insert shared interest here]. Let me get your number."
Um...why does this make me uncomfortable? It could be because this guy seems like a jerk who just makes dating advice videos online but also it seems soooo formulaic. You should be able to come up with this stuff yourself if there really is a connection. You don't need a guy on YouTube telling you the one sentence you can use on every girl so that they can't say no...

Can a Woman Ask A Guy Out?

Ladies! Please stop waiting for guys to ask you out. It's 2015 for Christ's Sake!
I LOVE guys who are confident enough with themselves to be fine with a girl asking them out!!! I'm not sure I'd do it often, but anytime I've made a first move and the guy hasn't freaked out about it, I'm even more attracted to them.
Ugh yeah in the second video, I'm not so sure about the guy doing all the planning or all the paying!! it's nice is they do once or twice or for special days, but I think it's also nice if the girl does it sometimes, too!!