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4 years ago I decided to get healthy not lose weight but lead a healthier lifestyle. I started making very small changes in my life and it kinda just snow balled and now I workout for at least 1 hour a day and try to eat as healthy as I can no soda, no junk food, stuff like this. I keep pushing myself and now I'm training for a Half Marathon in November lol that's something I never thought I'd be doing.
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Super inspiring! I have always had big plans to change my lifestyle but its so easy to say 'oh next month," or 'after the next holiday'
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@timeturnerjones if it wasn't for my boss encouraging everyone in the office to do it and paying for the $80 registration I doubt I'd be do it lol
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You look great! Wonderful accomplishments and life style changes! Congratulations!
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wonderful transformation, you should feel SO proud of what you have done for yourself. bravo!!
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wow, just keep up the good work :)
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