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Tie on Your Sneaks

You don't have to wear heels or an open wedge to get the look you want this summer. Follow a trend that is coming back: high tops.
Think of this shoe as the perfect way to feel casual but still look hot! You can wear a classic high top for a vintage look, try a high-fashion pattern, or shine with something with sparkle.
In the spring and summer, I like to put them with shorts or a skinny jeans for a perfect look.

Madeleine's Pick

I'm a fan of one that incorporate leather, snakeskin or something like this because you can dress it up or down, and have a shoe that fits so many occasions. Also, the patterns can make these a really strong statement piece. You can definitely find cheaper versions of these as well, so don't be afraid of the cost. Check your H&M for some good finds.
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Great minds think alike @madeleine! I just posted a card on gold mirror high tops by John Galliano