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I have been a fan of Summer Camp ever since I came across their music on some summer mixed tape. Now they always remind me of summer in San Diego, and it just wouldn't feel like July without them.
Their third album, Bad Love, is set to be released on 25 May and this week they've shared their video for the title track.
"Bad Love" features the husband and wife duo (Jeremy Warmsley and Elizabeth Sankey) as stars of a make-believe, '90s-vibe slasher film—aka my favorite kind of film, ever.
Check out the new video as well as two other great tracks below!

Bad Love

I can't wait for this album to drop just in time for the summer weather. As usual, they didn't let me down and the synth in this track is amazing!

Better Off Without You

If you don't feel like you've been taken back to summer when you listen to this song, then you need to turn up the volume. The melancholy vocals and the Hawaiian steel guitar inspired back track is the perfect combination for a lazy summer day.


Another track that sounds like summer nights and that distinct feeling of waking up from a mid-summer afternoon nap.
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I love this and have no idea how I went so long without knowing them. Between this album coming out and the new Phases songs, I'm so ready for summer.