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1. The Vingle ARMY

I love that our community is one that doesn't freak out over little details and recognizes that these artists are humans that aren't perfect. Check out the awesome discussion about V and the apparent scandal :/

2. Rainy Days

We all have 'meh' days and @PasstheSuga made an awesome playlist for it. Hugs all around! Find the playlist and awesome comments here.

3. Sunggyu Breaking Hearts

So Sunggyu dropped a new album and two new videos and basically had me scrambling for breath because I love him so much. Watch the video here and check out a review of the full album here.


Our queen of hugs @aabxo is back again with an adorable playlist that you need to listen to right now.

5. Vingle Artists

We have a new Vingle artist to add to our awesome list! (@aabxo, @allyphernelia, etc!!!)
Check out the artwork here!
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I always feel so happy when I see these cards showcasing how awesome our community is ^^
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@MattK95 has so many feels. <3
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