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This braided bun is fun, flirty, but not too serious. Perfect for adding a touch of formality to a casual outfit, or adding a bit of fun to something fancier :)
I was just looking for an easy braided bun to try, and this one caught my eye! Video tutorial below.
You need hair that's medium length or longer for this bun to really work, but it's not hard at all! You can skip the beginning steps in the video if you want (they just add volume to the front). I didn't really need them, I thought!
How to do the bun:
1. Split your hair horizontally and pin the bottom section out of the way.
2. Fishtail braid the top section.
3. Fishtail braid the bottom section.
4. Loosen each braid.
5. Wrap them around each other (starting at opposite ends as shown) and pin in place.
6. Done!