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In a recent article (linked above) Eunjung spoke about her solo career as well as her feelings about her group's popularity. T-ara definitely seems to have lost a lot of their fanbase, but do you guys feel like they can make a comeback?
Personally, I loved them most during their TTL era as well as during the Roly-Poly promotions. We all know what happened after that (bullying scandal) but hasn't enough time passed? Let me know what you think!!

@nielswife @DancingPartyTme actually it did link, there is a tiny link under the picture XD anyway I saw an article recently saying that new evidence showed that the bullying had never happened, can't say wether that's true or not though. I have a very negative stance on bullying, one of my family members went through a very hard time at school... That being said, I do believe in second chances, I mean we all make mistakes, and do things we aren't proud of. I still love T-ara and will continue to support them :)
I do love Tara they were the first kpop girl group band nd I wanted to c more and more of kpop after watching I hope they make a comeback nd I love eunjung sooo much fighting eunjung. i am still thr fan i have been waiting for their comeback and abt the bullying I really did know I am sorry but it's just terrible 馃様
That's horrible.. It's okay :)
Could u link the article.. What bullying scandal? Omg I feel so bad cause t-ara is one of my favourite groups
I love T-Ara! My favorite member has always been Boram. She's so cute and short, and I always see her mother in EVERY DRAMA.
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