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In a recent article (linked above) Eunjung spoke about her solo career as well as her feelings about her group's popularity. T-ara definitely seems to have lost a lot of their fanbase, but do you guys feel like they can make a comeback?
Personally, I loved them most during their TTL era as well as during the Roly-Poly promotions. We all know what happened after that (bullying scandal) but hasn't enough time passed? Let me know what you think!!

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To sum it up, there were rumors that former member Hwayoung was forced out of the group because the other members were bullying her. Jiyeon was said to be the worst and allegedly slapped Hwayoung in the face. No idea if any of that is true, but she did leave the group shortly after the story broke. Sorry about that! I thought it would link automatically:
That's horrible.. It's okay :)
@nielswife @DancingPartyTme actually it did link, there is a tiny link under the picture XD anyway I saw an article recently saying that new evidence showed that the bullying had never happened, can't say wether that's true or not though. I have a very negative stance on bullying, one of my family members went through a very hard time at school... That being said, I do believe in second chances, I mean we all make mistakes, and do things we aren't proud of. I still love T-ara and will continue to support them :)
I do love Tara they were the first kpop girl group band nd I wanted to c more and more of kpop after watching I hope they make a comeback nd I love eunjung sooo much fighting eunjung. i am still thr fan i have been waiting for their comeback and abt the bullying I really did know I am sorry but it's just terrible 馃様
I love T-Ara! My favorite member has always been Boram. She's so cute and short, and I always see her mother in EVERY DRAMA.