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How do you clear those dead skin cells off your face? Chances are, we've all got different opinions on this one. It's not easy to figure out which exfoliation technique is best for you, but a good way to start is to choose one based on your skin type.
Why exfoliate? To get rid of dry skin, to even out your skin tone, and to relive your pore's congestion, of course! So, find your skin type below, and find out what you might want to try.

Basics of Exfoliation:

- On average, you'll want to exfoliate max 2 times a week! If you have mature skin, limit this to once a week, or once a month, so you don't take away too much!
- Steam your face before starting! You can do this with a shower, or you can use a washcloth covered in hot water and just press it to your face before starting.
- Never scrub too hard with your exfoliant--let the product do the work, not your fingers!
- Pat your skin dry after--don't rub it.
- Follow up with a moisturizer, even if you have oily skin.

Sensitive Skin

I've heard many people with sensitive skin say they can't exfoliate. Sure, you can't use gritty face washes, but there are other ways to exfoliate! If you use something with a lactic acid base, the molecules do not penetrate deeply into the skin and are not overly irritating, so it's perfect for your skin.
**Try using a scrub based in lactic acid instead of a sandier substance. Try the milk-based scrub here (and the bath, because it's amazing!)

Dry Skin

Follow the same tips as for sensitive skin! If you still think you need a little bit more action, try lotions with low strength alpha-hydroxy acids can also be used for mild exfoliation--they won't dry you out too much if you use them sparingly (not more than once a week with the alpha-hydroxy acids, ok?)
This tomato scrub can be great, too, especially if you have acne prone skin!

Oily Skin

Don't use anything that is reusable, like a brush, because it will carry oils back to your skin. ALWAYS wash your hands before starting to exfoliate. You also may want to exfoliate more than the recommended 2 times a week to help stop the buildup of oils.
** Try a natural exfoliating clay mask! It'll detox you, too.
** Or, try something with a light salicylic acid.
** Sugar scrubs will also be create for you, since they break down oils and debris as well. Try this one, or this one!

Normal Skin

You guys might hate this advice, but you can basically use any (and all) of the techniques listed above this! Mix and match to see what suits your skin. Even if you have durable skin, some treatments might irritate you more than others!
This is one of my favorite masks, though, so you should consider it for a great deep clean.
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Oh boy. I definitely exfoliate twice a day. Maybe I should be slowing this down a bit. What's your favorite exfoliating product? I go between St. Ives' Green Tea Scrub and the Face Shop's Honey & Brown Sugar Scrub. I also really liked Benefit's facial scrub, but the price point is just a little pricier than I'm willing to shell out on the regular.