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Have you ever seen such perfect delicate tulle pleats? That alone makes this a WOW DRESS. My mom and I are smitten with the lace and the details of the pearl appliques. It's like a collage of adornment. I'd like to think of it as a poor woman's Chantilly. I know that some brides are only about white wedding dresses, but to me, lace lends itself to ivory or soft white. Nothing harsh like a bright white.
The way the tulle crumples on the floor is so romantic. It was custom-designed by Allyson James.
For extra comfort and stability, the gown has illusion covering the back that is barely noticeable. Pearls for a necklace makes the whole thing perfect. If you're into this dress and things like lace and tulle, you should see the other cards in my Bridal Lace & Findings Collection.