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This is what you wear when you're trolling for new digs in Studio City. Million-dollar single-family homes are dime a dozen in LA, so it's important you send the right message to your real estate broker. Whether you can afford a piece of property or not is neither here, nor there.
It's about conveying your style and sense of being. My vibe is a bit urban-sporty-class, if any of that makes a dilly of sense! I don't play sports. Class is a matter of loose interpretation. Urban...well, living in The Valley is more of a stretch than a blatant hypocrisy, but I digress.
Up for some style trickery? Updating your accessories is a quick fix to looking fresh, even if your basics are old. Get up to date on Wearing White Effectively here. And don't fall for that absurd notion that Memorial Day - Labor Day is white-wearing season. Utter bunk!
In the mean time, if you happen to find a three or four bedroom/three bath home in the hills, hit me up! I make for an almost-drama-free roommate! (Get me outta Van Nuys!!!!)
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