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After pretending that these cute drawings of real love were Ginny and Harry, I decided to do a search for nice fanart of all the Harry Potter-verse couples!
So, here's the best of what I could find! I'm only including canon couples here, so sorry if you have a non-canon ship. Leave a comment if you have a couple I missed you want me to add!!
(oh, also obviously, spoiler warning!!)

Ron & Hermione

1. From Deathly Hallows, page 502 - by Mary-Dreams
2. By upuun
3. Watercolor by KeeraKeera
4. Sleep by Anakoba
6. Oh, It is Love by pinkie-perfect
7. Sleep by pen-umbra

Harry & Ginny

1. Harry and Ginny by E-Park
2. Something to Remember Me By by uknow-who

Tonks & Lupin

1. How Tonks Confessed (seriously, its on Pottermore) by Cinnamon Skittles
2. Polaroid by Blind Bandit
3. You Got Married?! by Philotic

Snape and Lily

(don't you dare comment and tell me this wasn't canon HE LOVED HER)
1. How Severus Met Lily by Tafafa
2. Favorite Summer by Perselus
Ok so clearly my bias for the Ron/Hermione thing is showing :D But seriously, even though Rowling said that writing them ending up together was just "wish-fulfillment" I seriously think they are the most real couple of the series.
Who's your fave couple? What am I missing?