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1. Cheer Up - Hong Jin Young
2. Glass of Water - B1A4
3. Yêu Không Nghỉ Phép - Isaac (feat. OnlyC)
4. Head Up High - U-KISS
5. Action - U-KISS
6. Love Love Love - Roy Kim
7. Step by Step - 2PM
8. Idea - Akdong Musicians
9. Tail of Hope - BoA
10. Follow Me - 365 DaBand
11. Why Why - Shannon Williams
These are a few songs that make me happy!!! I hope they make you happy and make you smile too!!
Everyone has down days which is fine! Sometimes its hard to be cheerful with everything that goes on in life! Just know that you're not alone and that someone is thinking about you and loves you very much!! (that's me ^^)
All credit to the owners of these MVs!!
(I do not own these MVs)
Love you guys~
chu~ xoxo
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@danidee yeah it is a bit different... Lol :) I know Roy Kim's voice is DAEBAK!!!!!
@jiggzy19 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S0BQzIkRE0k This video is the first time I got reallly *o* about Roy Kim. This song is actually the #1 most popular karaoke song in South Korea. My Korean friends sing it at karaoke all the time (but I like his version better lol).
@danidee THANK YOU!!! Wow!!!! *\(^o^)/* Awesome~
Love this playlist :-) I do smile whenever I listen to them when I am down thanks for sharing.
@Ambie you're welcome !! <3 <3