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The "Seven Deadly Sins," a group of evil knights who conspired to overthrow the kingdom of Britannia, were said to have been eradicated by the Holy Knights, although some claim that they still live. Ten years later, the Holy Knights have staged a coup d'état and assassinated the king, becoming the new, tyrannical rulers of the kingdom. Elizabeth, the king's third daughter, sets out on a journey to find the "Seven Deadly Sins," and to enlist their help in taking back the kingdom
My Review
I love this Anime really enjoyed watching this one
I really love about this anime are the characters. The personalities are just amazing and they make the show even better, their is a different character for every sin, their is alot of adventure and comedy is just i laughed so much , there is a talking pig just adorable :D
the story is good in my opinion it was good was enough to keep me watching The core plot is simply the adventures of an unlikely team as they traverse the land, looking for other members of a mysterious group known as the "Seven Deadly Sins”. While traveling, the ‘team’ comes across other past members, gets into fights with various characters, help people out, chat, joke and just generally try to have fun and do what is just while working towards completing their ultimate objective of reuniting all seven and reclaiming the land. The series has a great grasp on balancing the humor, the drama, and the action.
The main female character, Elizabeth, has a decent amount of development. and the main character is fun and quite chill.The secondary characters though - who I won’t name or give details for, as finding out who they are and what they are like is a part of the series’ enjoyment – are the most well developed in the entire series. There’s a great possibility of you coming to love a character you previously hated or vice-versa.
However something I would like to mention this anime really taught me there is new start after every sad ending in life , during the show there is flashbacks of what happened to seven sins which was a terrible tragedy the main character loosing someone very precious to him. Even though much information is not given on the past incidents some glimpse are still shown in the whole anime . what really stands out is how they all get back together willing to forgive each other and start over and laugh like they were long lost friends , this really gives a powerful message a sad past doesn't means it will last forever, the coming future can be filled with happiness and full of love and awesome adventures ahead hahaha ;) lets say :D since I love adventures :p Overall I think this is a great awesome sweet adventurous and a superb fantasy and comedy anime, definitely a fantastic action-adventure anime, and a “sin” that I will gladly partake in again soon.
I recommend this anime to you all
I hope you will enjoy it
do give it a try whenever you get the time and continue if it catches your eyes in first few episodes ;)
anyways do enjoy this card :D
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@vanemunos it's hard to say no information about it yet : ( this show definitely needs a 2nd season
By any chance, do you know when the second season is coming out?