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You don't have to be a braiding expert to add a festive touch to your hair! This accent braid is a simple, three-strand braid with a twist that will make it seem much more complex than it really is!
(note: these pics are for a messy side braid, but you're going to just use the same technique on a small section of hair as an accent braid, ok?)
1. Make a simple, three-strand accent braid on the side or back of your hair. You could braid just one section, of you would braid the upper half of your hair.
2. Make sure you don't braid it too tightly, but tight enough to have structure.
3. Finish the braid! Tie the end tightly so you won't lose it.
4. Now, don't loosen as much as pictured in step 4!
To get a better "boho" festive look, only loosen random strands. So, maybe loosen the left side at the fourth knot, and the right side at the 7th, and only do one or two in between. Hold everything else in place and pull very, very slowly so you don't pull any layers you may have out. You want to give different layers and depth to each loosen piece.
This will give you the messy, boho look of the first image with the blonde hair!
Got it? Now give it a try! Or, for other festive hair, try this tutorial.
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LOL i love this "make a mess it it looks pretty." I'll try!