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The half up, half down look may have been exhausted by middle school dances, butterfly clips and weddings around the world, but it's back and looking good! So I decided I have to try it again, and have been looking for new ways to wear this trendy, messy style.
If you want to try wearing the half bun, but are worried about it looking old fashioned, out of fashion, try these basic styles to make it a stylish look you'll love (or at least I do!)

1. Tie it High & Messy

You don't want it to look too perfect, and you don't want it to sit too low, or it'll look like a do meant for ballet class (or, the bride) that just went wrong. Tie it up high and don't worry about the bun looking perfect. It's meant to have fly-away pieces!

2. Twist It In

Want something a little more visually interesting? Braid your hair into the bun, or just do a simply twist. You can learn how to do this style here.

3. Try it on Unwashed Hair

You want a messy bun, right? This hairstyle is perfect for a bad hair day. Just let your hair be wavy (or whatever it is naturally). You can scrunch it a bit with some spray if you need to give a little more shape, but adding a bun to your natural hair will make it look intentional, so don't worry too much about it!

4. Wrap It!

Use a loose piece of hair to wrap around the band to give a sleek line in the middle of the messy bits. It'll still look messy, but the wrapped piece will give the whole look some height that it might not have otherwise.
Loving the "twist"! Never thought a half bun could look this cute!
I love LOVE the 2nd one. A little braid into the bun is simple but still looks like I tried way harder than I did, lol