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Everyone who gets a period knows that it can be a really, really annoying time. But the first time that many young people get them, they have no idea what's going on, or they're not really being prepared fully by their parents and schools to understand just what the heck is happening.
And that's totally lame!!! Periods are such a normal part of life, why aren't we talking more about them?

Meet the Period Fairy

She's honestly part of the marketing for a company called "HelloFlo" which does sort of a monthly box (you know, like those make up ones that are getting popular) to send you the products you need to get through your monthly cycle. And they include surprises (like chocolate!) to make it a little more fun.

First Moon Party

The first time I saw anything about HelloFlo was when I saw the "First Moon Party" commercial which is HILARIOUS and you should serious watch. I'm including the elders react video first because it's way more fun to see it for the first time with someone, but the regular commercial is linked in the second slide as well!
The third slide has their next commercial "The Camp Gyno" which I don't think is as funny, but still pretty good!!!
I'm wondering about the actual product, though---I think I'm going to need to look up some reviews. It looks like they send you some liners/tampons, and some goodies and you're good to go, but what if they don't have what I need in there? I know you specify and all that but I can't help it's just easier to buy your own in bulk and deal with it.
I do love the idea of a "starter kit" that you can give to those who are experiencing their period for the first time--it makes it way more comfortable of a transition to feel like there's something to look forward to!
So--who's willing to sign up for "HelloFlo" and get a monthly gift from the Period Fairy? I'm still skeptical!!
Oh my god, her wings are pads. HER WINGS ARE PADS.
@kristenadams They're smart making humorous ads about something that really isn't overdone yet!!!! I love it!! @drwhat LOL well, you're on the right track at least being willing to think of it i guess?
Cool that those dads/grandpas/elders were all very cool about it. I want to be, but it is still just a little weird for dudes to be like "yeahhh i'm down with periods"
OMG I've seen the first moon party video before but had NO idea that they made more vids HAHAHAHA