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But it wasn't cheap. After the money was seized by the government for no reason, a long fight began.
Lyndon McLellan of North Carolina has been fighting for more than one year to get back the items seized from him by prosecutors even though he was never convicted of any crime. He is finally being given back more than $100,000 worth taken from his accounts, though the government will not pay any taxes or the fees he had to pay to get the money cleared and back into his name.
A woman who owns a restaurant that only accepts cash or check payments (no debit or credit) had $32,000 seized after she was making deposits in amounts less than $10,000. This is apparently a tactic used by drug dealers, so the money was seized even though she explained herself and was not charged with any crime.
Since Sept. 11, 2001, the federal government has used civil forfeiture to seize some $2.5 billion in cash and property from people never charged with a crime, according to a New York Times investigation.
If you're still confused about how the government is even allowed to do this shit, check out this card which explains the basics of the US civil forfeiture, which is basically a load of BS that needs to change ASAP.
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@drwhat They justify it by saying it "might" have been used in a crime or might be in the future. An old woman got over $2000 taken because, essentially, "people don't carry that much cash." John Oliver on Last Week Tonight did a segment on this. Quite eye opening.
This procedure is just ludicrous. The people are never charged with a crime but the lawsuits are filed against their house, car, etc. You read that right. The government files lawsuits against inanimate objects and takes money and property simply a crime was suspected. Sadly this has happened quite a few times very close to where I live.
@midtenheathen just found it-- seems @amog32 had posted it too i just cant believe this shit is legal and peoole dont even realize its happening in many places
God fucking damn GOOD that he got it back. This is ridiculous. How can you just take someone's money like that? And why hasn't it ended yet? Don't the people involved feel bad at all, or have they really convinced themselves that something has gone wrong