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Natural, neutral colors are hot, and even if you don't realize it, you can replace nearly every part of your makeup regiment with a nude color for a refreshing, bare-faced look. What color is "nude" is going to be different for everyone, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't rock yours!
Use one of these three different ways you can try using nude colors to update your look to fit this awesome trend!

Nude Lipstick

It took me a long time to get into nude lipsticks, but now I love them! I used to think lipstick had to be about making a statement, but it can also be about simple enhancement, and that's what nudes do.
Tips for using nude lipsticks:
- First, make sure to exfoliate your lips! Gentle exfoliation also brings out the natural color of the lips.
- Line your lips with a liner as close to your natural lip color as possible. You can skip this step if you like the natural shape of your lips, as it's just going to add more structure.
- Use a matte lipstick for the most natural finish.
- Use a brush to apply the lips for the most natural look.
Choosing Colors:
- As a general guide pale skin tones should stick to soft pink and peach shades, dark skin tones are better suited to chocolate tones, and those with yellow undertones should opt for beiges like caramel and latte.
- If you’ve got olive skin you can generally get away with most nude colors.

Nude Blush

I love a good strong cheek as much as the next girl, but I've never been great at applying deeply colored blushes! A nude blush does so much to shape your face while not looking like you've piled on the rogue. And it's pretty no-mistakes!!
Tips for Using Nude Blush:
- Avoid cremes, bronzers and bright colors when going for a nude look!
- Stick to powder formulas that give you light washes of color that can’t go on wrong.
- Brush them on (you could even finger them on) eyes and cheeks—they're super low-committal.
- Don't worry about following any blush diagrams! This is to give you a bit of color without going overboard.
- Depending upon your skin tone you could choose from very light pinks (for skin with reddish undertones) to nude peaches (those with yellowish undertones) to apricots and browns (for darker skin).
Some Product Suggestions (just listing the colors I use!):
- Jouer Powder Blush in Rose
- Christopher Kane For Nars Blush in Silent Nude (can be used instead of a bronzer!)

Nude Eyes

Applying neutral colors to the eyes will help to accentuate their natural shapes and shadows.
Tips for Creating a Nude Eye:
- Don't expect the dark definition you get with a smoky eye! That's not the point!
- Don't go heavy on the eyeliner. Try curling your lashes and putting on some mascara first.
- If you still feel you need an eyeliner, use a brown rather than a harsh black, and tight line your eyes so it seems more like you just have very thick lashes.
- If you think your eye area looks too colorless, try filling in your eyebrows a bit darker to fill up some of that space.
To choose a color...
- Try using the same blush you used for your nude cheeks as a kind of eyeshadow--just do a quick sweep over the eyes!
- If you really want to use a color, try peach tones, taupes, browns or beiges that are withing 2 color shades (up or down) of your skin color so as to avoid looking too caked on.
- Add a touch of pearl iridescent color in the inner waterline of your eye to make your eyes brighter!
I don't recommend doing all three of these at once (especially not if you're going to do a paler lip! You'll end up looking too washed out if you get the coloring even a little bit off) but play with the three looks and see what looks great on you. Good luck!
I still haven't managed to try nude lips....will try it soon!
I've really gotten into using nude or peach toned eye shadows. They make me look a lot more awake especially since I have a particularly nasty case of the dark eye circles. Etude House's Look At My Eyes in OR203 has been my go-to as of lately. (The shipping's a little expensive, but the actual products themselves are pretty cheap, so I think it balances it out pretty well.)