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I have always been obsessed with ModCloth (I even got my prom dress from the site!) so it's no surprise that I'm drooling over the new bathing suits they just rolled out.
They usually go for a more retro cut, with high waisted bottoms or flattering halters that work perfectly for my frame but I totally wasn't expecting the patterns they found this season...

Astronomy Oh My

You guys, this is a bathing suit with stars, burgers, french fries, and cats. What more could you possibly ask for?!
Plus, the bust is super cute and supportive making it basically the most perfect swimsuit ever created. Well done, ModCloth, well done.
Grab it here.

Pixel Worth a Thousand Words

This is so 90's chic I can almost smell the cheap fruit-flavored lip gloss. Why do I feel like there was some video game related to this? Like, one of the ones that came automatically installed on your computer back in the stone age?
Anyway, super cute - grab it here.

Paradise and Easy

I am the biggest fan of halters. I have small shoulders and a - errr - bigger bottom (???) so a halter top gives the illusion that my hips are slimmer and my upper body is better proportioned. Pair this with a gorgeous pattern and you've got all the ingredients for a great swimsuit top. Grab it here.

Wade a Second

Yeah, that's ice cream. It's just scoops upon scoops of ice cream. To say I'm in love is an understatement. It looks like this popped right out of some Katy Perry video or a Baskin Robbins commercial!
Grab it here.
I'm considering the ice-cream swim set for a summer pool party.
THESE ARE ALL SO CUTE. That first one is particularly incredible. I don't think I can name a girl who WOULDN'T wear those.