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You know that moment when you were 7 years old, and thought "I have the greatest invention!" Was that just me? Anyway, most of the "as seen on TV" products look like they came out of a 7 year old's imagination. Don't believe me? Check this out then.
So what was the weirdest and most useless thing you have ever bought?
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I remember watching an As Seen on TV commercial about Mr. Lid, this tupperware set where the lids were attached to the bottoms by a hinge so you'd never use the tops to your tupperware. My friend next to me said something like "That's so stupid. Who would spend $20 on this?!" And I did. I totally did the next day.
Weirdly enough I had one of the other "one touch" can openers. The one I had didnt' like grip the can other than just magnetically from the top, but it was really good at opening things!!!! I was always surprised it worked though
Okay, but am I the only one that's SERIOUSLY considering the pajama jeans now?