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Interviewer: What was the kiss like just now? Rainie: You explain it yourself. You’re sooo arrogant! Show: Because of the angle you need to film the kiss scenes, you need the right speed and you need to pull her in at the right angle. I did it just right. Rainie: The moment the director yelled “Cut!”, he immediately said, “I still really kiss well.” Show: That’s because when we were filming “Hi My Sweetheart” she told me that I am the best kisser Rainie: You were standing next to me! Of course I had to say you were number 1! If I didn’t say so you would definitely privately be angry with me. Show: Let me explain. I really did a good job during the kiss scene. Because 1) Understand her height so it won’t seem like I am bumping her 2) Our lips need to lock together quickly 3) I am polite, professional and very hygienic. I am sick today so I held my breath when I was kissing her, and I wiped my lips dry before the scene. So no germs from me. And I also wish that someone would listen while I am speaking. But I know, that she hears me. She does. [haha Rainie turns her back on him on purpose and sticks her fingers into her ears]