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No, this isn't a dream.
IKEA is doing a beautiful, beautiful thing in London from May 18 - May 20. They'll be opening a pop up cafe that has no tables...only ridiculously comfortable beds.
Customers can book a single or double IKEA bed for a 45-minute period from 7 a.m. until noon and order a traditional Swedish breakfast. From noon until 3 p.m., you can still book the beds, but only for naps.
IKEA said diners can choose pillows from a menu “designed to match the pillow you have in your home and combine the best bits about eating out with those of lazy Sunday lie-ins.”
Find out how to be a part of this thanks to the WSJ.
Ahhhh I dont' think I can make it to London in time!!!
Why is London SO far away!?
This is genius! They should do this at more IKEAs so that I don't need to fly to London to get in on this.