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The late Oscar de la Renta was a mastermind in the fashion world. He just 'got it.' He knew what silhouette's worked and looked best on a woman's body. His choice of fabric didn't fight the design, but delivered the message expertly.
I want to say thanks to @NixonWoman for a comment she made on another card about fashion for the moms of both brides and grooms. I wrote about what mothers of the bride could wear here, but I never tackled the issue for mothers of the groom. Well, moms, I give you Oscar de la Renta. His silk yellow and ivory beaded appliqued ball gown is timeless, chic, effortless, comes with pockets and has shallow arm holes. You know what I'm getting at...
Be confident, daring and gorgeous in whatever you choose. Do your BEST to avoid fat bandages, patently disguised as pant suits, boleros, and sequin shawls.