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Different. Serious. Funny. Full of life. Good cast Perfect Alice....
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I feel sorry about her ex - hope that achieving a great place she will remember to help him...
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she loves him so much .. but the hardships of life.. i know she's gonna land with shi hoo and the ex isnt even second lead.. but i felt so bad when they hugged and sobbed!
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watched the 2 first episodes and loved it... Park Shi Hoo is just so funny... the scene with the ex boyfriend was so sad ....i actually liked the ex ... but can't wait to some romantic scenes between PSH and MGY
5 years ago·Reply
PSH is amazingly hilarious.. even if he's crying he's funny.. he laughs he's crazy..and he thinks he's even crazier!
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can we get married and alice are on the top of my dramalist, so....
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