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We all are shoe fanatics, that's a given right? Problem is usually the same though, we girls, for some reason always buy pretty much the same pairs of shoes, and it's fine since it is just personal taste; but isn't it horrible when you realize you own 15 pairs of lets say... black suede cone heeled booties? That has happened to me, so I started branching out a little more. These are what I thought to be the basic 8 pairs of shoes every woman should own. - Skin tone pumps. Classy, makes your legs look longer and they go with everything - Flat black boots. Comfy, great for walking around and still stylish. - Ballerina flats. They are essential to your wardrobe, especially after a long night out in daring high heels. - Canvas sneakers. Say converse ones, they are timeless, and let's face it, you can't be wearing heels all the time. - Black pumps. Not necessary to explain why. - Suede booties. These are my favorite ones, so comfortable and give you just enough height to look good without killing your feet... one toe at a time. - Flat leather sandals. Ideal for summer, vacation time and walking aimlessly through the city when it gets hot. - Highest heels you can find. No matter what style you chose, this is a must, specially in New York.
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