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Meet the new, more-powerful berry that is going to save your skin: sea buckthorn! I didn't know if this was a plant, animal, or some sort of thing that comes out of the sea, but it turns out that this berry grows in cooler climates, and has been used in skin regimes for hundreds of years in areas where they grow.
What do they look like?
They're little orange berries that are packed with love for your skin!
What's in them that good for your skin?
- carotenoids (important antioxidants to help fight aging that are particularly well absorbed by the top layers of your skin)
- antioxidant vitamins like A, C, E
- nourishing omega 3, 6, 7, and 9 oils
What will it do for your face?
- anti-aging antioxidents will help keep your skin looking younger
- helps skin retain moisture
- helps skin repair itself from scarring and sun damage
- boosts collagen production
Not only that, but they also have a great warm, orange hue, and refreshing scent, as well as the ability to make your skin simply glow!
How to use it?
- It comes in many products via an extracted oil that's great for your skin, such as facial cleansers, facial essences, and body and face oils.
- You can eat the vitamin C and antioxidant-rich berries, too. These are also great for getting your omegas for those who don't like fish oil!
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