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Ever feel like the smell of that one spritz of a perform you put on as a sample in a perfume store is just too much? Or, put on a perfume you decide you (yikes!) don't want to wear out?
Don't fret!! It's actually really easy to get that smell out and move on without it. Here's three easy ways!

1. Coffee Grounds

Take some unused coffee grounds, and rub them on the spot. This doubles as an exfoliator! Then, wash off with soap and water and you're fresh smelling again.

2. Unscented Deodorant

Cover up the spot with unscented deodorant; it'll mask the smell just like it would for body odor!

3. Cotton Pad + Rubbing Alcohol

Swipe a little rubbing alcohol on a pad, and lightly rub the spot. Wipe again with some water, and you're good to go.
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Thanks these will really help 😊😊
I wouldn't use rubbing alcohol; then you'll just smell like that!