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Saying what you mean in just a few words is never easy. No one knows that better than a writer (or, really anyone who's tried to right a term paper the night before it's due).
So I was super pumped to see Mashable's #MashReads talk yesterday--everyone was giving their writing advice for new and aspiring writers in 140 characters!!
If you want to be a writer- then wrote something everyday- good or bad. The good will come, sometimes it just needs to be primed #MashReads
Use fewer words, and words with fewer syllables. #mashreads
For active writing & to reduce "be" verbs, isolate thoughts to noun&verb (Dogs bark. Boys run.) ; build up from there. #MashReads
Write as though your mother is never going to read a word of it. #mashreads
Finish it. More important than anything else. The rest is details. Finish it. #MashReads

These are the ones I found most inspirational for me as a writer....what would your advice be?

Halfs is the best!! My advice would be to read it out loud to someone. It always helps me!
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whoops, meant to write Ralph! Stupid autocorrect
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@hikaymm it gets us all sometimes, haha. I'll try reading aloud more often, then!
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