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It's not easy being around someone who just wants to hate/love/hate/love/complain about/hate their ex, especially when the breakup dust hasn't really settled yet!!! But someone's gotta be there for you, and you know it's gonna be your BFF.
I wanna take this moment to apologize to everyone who has ever had to deal with me after a breakup, and to thank all of my BFFS for being the best at these times!! You know I couldn't have made it without you :)
(Oh, and if I could add one tip to this, it would be to bring them chocolate or whatever snack it is they love. They'll want to stress eat something!! Just go to the gym together after, k?)
@ChristinaBryce Agreed! Or at least some version of this--whatever works for them and you. Just make sure they're there for you somehow
So much patience required to do this, but a good friend has to!!!! It's like required