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A Jellyfish Painting Painted With Glow Paints

Glow in the dark powders absorb light (Charge). When glow powder is placed in a dark area the powder discharges (Glows in the dark) To learn more about glow powders visit our website:
Tip: Glow pigments need to be charged using a natural or artificial light source because these pigments absorb light energy. Once placed in a dark environment these glow pigments will discharge (glow). You can use a UV blacklight to charge these glow pigments. For the best glow effect use this product in an area that is in pitch black darkness.
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@julielofispugh thanks 👍✌😊
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very innovative :)
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@Tannya Thanks. I am going to post another photo soon of a Glow In The Dark Turtle Painting by the same artist.
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