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Nerdy Nuptials: Engagement Photos!
There's nothing better than marrying someone who shares your hobbies and passions. (Or at least I'd assume that's the case!!) These couples all share some nerdy hobbies, so they got themed engagement pics to show off their passion as well as their love, and I can't help saying that I'm a little jealous of these relationships!!
Jess and Vince, who LOVE Harry Potter had these shots to share :)
Kathy and Eric love Harry Potter too, and even brought out their wands (and Butterbeeer!)
Renee and Andrew think bowties are cool!
But they're not the only ones that love Doctor Who...TJ and Timmy do, too!
In a galaxy far, far away....Candace and Paolo fell in love!
This is a bit of a Disney geek out engagement--recognize the setting? It's Up inspired!
Ah, comic book love! There's nothing like it!
Status Achieved: Engaged!!!! World of Warcraft pretty much makes for the ultimate nerdy photoshoot. Status Achieved: AWESOME!
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