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This is a Korean Food joint that serves typical Korean "school food" thus the name, duh..haha Anyway, although they serve the same menu as any other "Bunsik" places.. They make it really special. From the food presentation and its taste especially! FOOD: I have tried their rolls, and the Tokpokki/Sundae set.. I wasn't expecting that much. I thought they're just another Bunsik made expensive place but I was wrong.. The food was really really tasty.. my favorite is the Squid rolls with squid ink, no less! this is highly recommended. SERVICE: The branch in Cheongnyangni is always crowded and customers usually have to wait for 5 mins or so before getting a table. The staff is quite helpful.. But some look so stressed and non too pleased to serve..haha AMBIANCE: The thing that stuck to me is that they give you a basket in which you can place your bags and coats in.. They put that basket under your table..hehe.. Overall the place looks "friendly" and gives you that School cafeteria vibe.. :) PRICE: W3000-W10,000/meal
@samrusso716 i think i tried it once and it doesn't taste that much different hahahaha
@shoenami what does squid ink taste like?? I really want to try!!!
thanks! :) i hope you like the restaurants..
i'm following your collection!
hey shoenami! thanks so much for the info!!! :)) which exit do i get out from the subway??
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