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A study by California Scientists shows eating during certain times of the day and periodic fasting may reverse the affects of a bad diet. According to researchers, just like your brain goes to sleep at night and wakes up in the day time, so do many of your organs. Researcher Sachin Panda and his team of scientists studied two groups of mice. One was given a high fat diet to eat whenever they wanted. The other was given the same food but only during the eight hours they were the most active. It turns out that natural fasting time leads to 40% less body weight. The group that ate throughout the day had higher liver damage, cholesterol, heart disease, and blood sugar. This doesn't mean you can eat whatever you want but this does give us a better idea about how we can fight the obesity epidemic. Scientist say telling people to eat less calories isn't working, but if they get a better idea about how our bodies use those calories, we may be on the right track. Source:
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