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Korean illustrator, Na Young Wu also known as "Obsidian", brings a North Eastern Asian perspective to some of Disney's most beloved classic films. She used her creativity to reinterpret the Western style of the characters to show how they would look in modern Korean style. Donned in beautiful hanboks and traditional male gats, her illustrations truly bring a breath of fresh air to these well known films.
Above you can see her illustrations for Snow White, The little Mermaid, The Princess and the Frog, Beauty & the Beast, Frozen, and Alice in Wonderland
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thats soo pretty, specially snow white
These are absolutely gorgeous. I love the Beauty & the Beast one!! Reimagining Beast as a tiger is so creative :)
The art works are fantastic, the little mermaid one has to be my favorite it looks beautiful.
Frozen is NOT a classic. It's trash. The classics were made when Walt was alive and they'll stay that way.
Just so unique and beautiful