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I thought I would share my thoughts on an amazing book series I have been reading. By Terry Lovett, comes the sexy and fun young adult novel about a young girl in the future who finds love across the universe titled ZIA. The way I describe it might sound silly but if you decide to take my word and pick up a copy, you will not regret it.The book series is a trilogy. So far the author has released the first two. The second novel, INAMORATA'S PASSAGE was actually just recently released. I immediately downloaded it onto my nook. :) I can not wait to start reading it.
What I like the most about these books is that it is the first young adult/ teen novel I have ever read where the male leads are asian. I also read that the main male characters are supposed to be based off of certain Korean stars including Lee Min Ho (Boys over Flowers, City Hunter) and Choi Siwon (Super Junior). If you love Korean pop music or even Korean Dramas (which who doesn't ) you will love this book.
It is available to purchase through Amazon in paperback or for kindle or through Barnes & Noble in paperback or for Nook.
Please check out these novels, I would love to find other people who love it as much as I do.
@sakurablossom96 & @bookjunkie YAY! Let me know what you guys think about it!
yes, I'm sold! didnt even read the synopsis, just the comment. adding to TBR list! @SakuraBlossom96
You had me at Korean & lost me at Lee Min Ho ♥♡ @bookjunkie
Sure! This is the summary of the book - Open the door of imagination and step into the futuristic world of ZIA. A world where the elderly are rejuvenated at the New U Resurrection Clinic, family pets are cloned at the Carbon Copy Pet Center and seventeen-year-old girls can fall in love with someone from across the universe. Join Zia in a romantic fantasy filled with sexy surprises and a love triangle big enough to span two worlds!
@whissy44 You have much to learn my pupil. http://tuebl.ca Go forth and embark on a book adventure, download what you like c:
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