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This is an open ended question for anyone who enjoys cosplaying or even those who want to start!
How do YOU decide on who to cosplay as? Is it your favorite show/character? Is it because of their outfit??
Let me know below!
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I usually just find one I can afford and see if I like it lol....not really the best way
I cosplay everyone with purple hair! (only kind of joking, lol!)
I normally go for cute characters! However, my most recent is a female version of Vegeta from DBZ :D
My main problem is who I want to cosplay FIRST haha. I'd say just pick one of your favorite shows and then from there decide who you see yourself cosplaying. It honestly doesn't matter if you look exactly like that person or even if they're a different gender. Just find someone you love and then decide if you'll be able to make/buy it!
@zayrechan that's awesome advice XD