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Figured in honor of my darling YB's birthday ....I'd pull a few....er well a lot of my favorites by him and put them into a playlist<3 bc I'm definitely doing a Taeyang-a-thon today for sure.
Taeyang __Prayer No denying this jam....and his out of this world level of sexy. Boy could fit in my back pocket but still.....dayummm. Taeyang__Breakdown Surprisingly YB is the only dude with a shirt on in this performance.... such a rebel ღ˘‿˘ற꒱ Taeyang __I'll Be There
Taeyang__Where U At First Taeyang MV I laid my eyes on.....I was enamored....to say the least. Taeyang__Love You To Death Who rewatched this several times before moving on?...... (゚∀゚)☞ @PassTheSuga Taeyang __Move Ah-buh....(*^﹏^*) dem pants doe.... And that dance break..... God bless the saint who done this fancam right!
Taeyang__Wedding Dress Who would deny him? Honestly..... Taeyang__Sinner Uhm this choreography tho.... Taeyang__After You Fall Asleep Naughty boy. Side note: I kinda miss the fedora....and Moon Swings but I digress....
Taeyang__You're My Taeyang__I Need A Girl *fans myself* Taeyang__Don't Wanna Try (Frankie J cover) This is too cute not to include....
Taeyang__Only Look At Me If I were in BIGBANG, this would be my nightmare as well.... Taeyang__My Girl Excuse me while I re-attach my face.....it slid off somewhere during the first chorus....
Taeyang ft G Dragon__Stay With Me GD & YB....they can do no wrong<3 Taeyang__Eyes, Nose, Lips I know you all know the words.....sing along ヾ(*⌒ヮ⌒*)"/
Taeyang__Just A Feeling (๑✧◡✧๑)♪ Taeyang__1AM He's just too gorgeous. Taeyang__Let Go (Throw Away) He just hits me right in the feels.....
GD x Taeyang__ Good Boy Now honestly who didn't have them fangirl feels going like our girl Ailee during this performance? Taeyang__Ringa Linga Song is still sick AF......
Taeyang __ Take It Slow Now I could've added the audio track with the lyrics but this live version shows his adorable smile and naturally cute manner ....and his chocolate abs....
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@PassTheSuga oh hell yes! belting it out baby!!
@MattK95 XD lols
anyone noticed how the youngbae in his name ryhmes with Bae Bae
I love all the songs here I'll be there reminds me of Seungri and my girl I remember the first time I watched it Omarion just popped it my mind but he taeyang had his own style ^^
@Uniangel18 yeah! Lol XD