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Figured in honor of my darling YB's birthday ....I'd pull a few....er well a lot of my favorites by him and put them into a playlist<3 bc I'm definitely doing a Taeyang-a-thon today for sure.
Taeyang __Prayer No denying this jam....and his out of this world level of sexy. Boy could fit in my back pocket but still.....dayummm. Taeyang__Breakdown Surprisingly YB is the only dude with a shirt on in this performance.... such a rebel ღ˘‿˘ற꒱ Taeyang __I'll Be There
Taeyang__Where U At First Taeyang MV I laid my eyes on.....I was enamored....to say the least. Taeyang__Love You To Death Who rewatched this several times before moving on?...... (゚∀゚)☞ @PassTheSuga Taeyang __Move Ah-buh....(*^﹏^*) dem pants doe.... And that dance break..... God bless the saint who done this fancam right!
Taeyang__Wedding Dress Who would deny him? Honestly..... Taeyang__Sinner Uhm this choreography tho.... Taeyang__After You Fall Asleep Naughty boy. Side note: I kinda miss the fedora....and Moon Swings but I digress....
Taeyang__You're My Taeyang__I Need A Girl *fans myself* Taeyang__Don't Wanna Try (Frankie J cover) This is too cute not to include....
Taeyang__Only Look At Me If I were in BIGBANG, this would be my nightmare as well.... Taeyang__My Girl Excuse me while I re-attach my face.....it slid off somewhere during the first chorus....
Taeyang ft G Dragon__Stay With Me GD & YB....they can do no wrong<3 Taeyang__Eyes, Nose, Lips I know you all know the words.....sing along ヾ(*⌒ヮ⌒*)"/
Taeyang__Just A Feeling (๑✧◡✧๑)♪ Taeyang__1AM He's just too gorgeous. Taeyang__Let Go (Throw Away) He just hits me right in the feels.....
GD x Taeyang__ Good Boy Now honestly who didn't have them fangirl feels going like our girl Ailee during this performance? Taeyang__Ringa Linga Song is still sick AF......
Taeyang __ Take It Slow Now I could've added the audio track with the lyrics but this live version shows his adorable smile and naturally cute manner ....and his chocolate abs....
anyone noticed how the youngbae in his name ryhmes with Bae Bae
Taeyang's music is soo good, and yes I did find myself singing along to "eyes, nose, lips" XD and "Wedding Dress" and "Good Boy" and "Love You To Death" and "Stay With Me" and "Ringa Linga" hahaha I couldn't help myself. Happy Birthday YB!!!
happy birthday hell yeah I love him ♥♥💝💝
Happy Birthday Taeyang!! Xo Great playlist @PassTheSuga !
I love all the songs here I'll be there reminds me of Seungri and my girl I remember the first time I watched it Omarion just popped it my mind but he taeyang had his own style ^^
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