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Summer is coming and in my family that means BBQs! And what else is there to do when the family is all gathered around a fire pit than making smores?!
Now, its still a little too chilly in my neck of the woods, so this smores recipe is perfect since I get to stay inside while still getting the perfect marshmallowy-chocolate treat!
How easy is this? All you need is:
4 Honey Maid Graham Cracker Squares
2 Jet Puffed S'moreMallows
1 Hershey Bar, broken in half
2 T. Hershey's Classic Caramel Sundae Dream
sea salt

Find out how to make these great treats here!
I dont know, its not a smore without campfire smoke getting in my eyes
I feel like this is one of the few S'mores recipes on here that actually suggest you use Hershey's bars. It's not a s'more if you don't use a Hershey's bar! (And I promise I'm not being paid by Hershey's to leave this comment. JUST A MATTER OF OPINION.)
What is this masterpiece?! Just needs a scoop of ice cream!